Mary’s journal entries from June 1932: a mastodon tooth, a horse and buggy ride, and baseball

June 13, 1932

A mastodon tooth was found in Last Chance Gulch where the Police Station is at Helena in 1865.1

John Rumping and Albert Schaffer went down near [illegible]’s tunnel trying a bit of prospecting and found a big crabapple tree all in bloom near the creek. It’s a beauty.2

June 17, 1932

John Rumping and Albert Schaffer came from Rutlidges up on the Herman Weinriter boulevard with horse and buggy to the main road (or Marysville road). Nice for going one way.

June 19, 1932

Lincoln & Marysville played [baseball]. Lincoln 3, Marysville 2. Was good playing.3

  1. A quick Google search turned up a book by Robert Vaughan, which contains what appears to be a reference to this discovery in either 1864 or 1865.
  2. Photo credit: “crabapple tree,” from author’s collection, taken 22 March 2017.
  3.  Photo Credit: “Old baseball on wooden background and highly closeup,” CanStockPhoto ( : uploaded by joephotostudio 04 Jun 2014; downloaded 02 Jun 2017).
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