April 14, 1932: 3,000 yards of thread and “fierce foggy cold”

This is a photo of my dad (on the left) and his brother Clayton, circa March 1932.

April 14, 1932

I finished Clayton Raymond Dalin’s1 little bedspread, crocheted about 3,000 [yards of] thread. It’s fierce foggy cold and about 5 inches of snow.

  1. Clayton was about 5 months old at the time, having been born the previous November.

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The Ledbetter Boys

Another wonderful photo from Mary’s collection . . .

Handwriting on the back of the photo identifies the boys as “Mark and Codie Ledbetter”. The photo is dated 1914 and was taken in Neihart, Montana.

Mark and Codie were the sons of Edith and David Ledbetter. Edith was the sister of Mary’s first husband, George Schenk.

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March 18, 1932 – Mary Sullivan’s broken ankle and Christie’s joke

March 18, 1932

Mrs. Mary Sullivan (84 yrs) broke her ankle [March] 1. Christie fooled me this morning. Said Mrs. Hartnelle wanted me.

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On this day in 1932 – Mrs. O’Connell Sr. died, the Giant Springs at Great Falls, and Lizzie Ralston

March 16, 1932

Mrs. Dick O’Connell Sr. died 73 yrs.  Her grandsons were her pallbearers and altar boys. The Giant Springs near Gt. Falls puts out 388 million gallons of water a minute. It’s a wonderful sight to see. Then it runs on a few ft. and goes in the Missouri river. Brother Johnie was born in Belmont 51 yrs. ago the 19th of Mar. 1932. I figure he was the 1st boy born here. Lizzie Ralston was the first girl. I was the 1st baby [to live] in this town [Marysville] and Belmont. I was with my Mother when she came up the Missouri river in 1879. My Father came up some months before us.

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