Gathering at the local bar

Marysville men


This undated photo from Mary’s collection (probably taken in the 1920s) seems to be a gathering of men inside a bar, possibly in Marysville. The men are identified on the photo back as follows:

Basil Bom [Bonn?], Sr.

Wm Robertson

Alb. Schaffer

Jack Traufler

Since Albert Schaffer is third from the left (including the bartender behind the bar), I assume “Wm Robertson” is the bartender.  However, there are six men in the photo but only four names listed.  A little confusing but share-worthy nonetheless.

On this day 120 years ago today – July 4, 1895

Marysville’s July 4th Parade – starring Mary Rumping as the “Goddess of Liberty”!

4th of July Parade circa 1895


A cropped view of the photo, showing Mary “on the car of State”.  She was 17 years old.

Goddess of Liberty_cropped


And here is the back of the photo, with lots of great information.

0034_backNames mentioned on photo back:

George Sugders; Joe Conrad; William Schenck; Albert Schaffer; Charley Hendricks; Charley Mead; Walter Shea; Mr. Corbuse; Bill Burkhead; Gussie Zimmerman; Kate McGilligan; Lillie Conrad

Buildings mentioned on photo back:

Marysville Schoolhouse; Marysville House; Dunn’s Boarding House; Methodist Church; Catholic Church; Mares Shoe Store; Corbuse Saloon

And finally, a little something to think about from Ken Burns’ documentary on The Statue of Liberty:  What is Liberty?

On this day in 1930 – Fishing without a license, Prairie Club

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingEntry from Journal #1: July 4, 1930

A. Schaffer, Wm Rumping, Miss May Iverson, went up to the Shokipee mine, and myself.  I caught my first fish to-day and sure put it in my pocket as I had no license.  A party of people of the Prairie Club are spending the summer in Marysville staying at the Drum Lummond Hotel.

Mary Rumping_1935

















This is a photo of Mary taken several years after this journal entry – but it seemed like the perfect time to share it.

Happy 4th Everyone!!