Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

144_vintage postcard_St Patrick's Day_jpeg

A beautiful vintage postcard from Mary’s collection –

144back_vintage postcard_St Patrick's Day_jpegThe card is addressed to Mary (“Mrs. Geo. Schenck”) and is from her cousin Irene1 in Decatur, Illinois. It was mailed on March 12, 1912.


Dear Cousin!-

How is Aunt Eve? I do feel so sorry for her, she certainly is having her cross to carry in this world, for which she will be rewarded in the next. I hope all is for the best and that God will give her strength.2



  1. Irene and Mary were first cousins – their mothers, Christena Specht Ehrhardt and Eva Specht Rumping, were sisters.
  2. Mary’s mother Eva died about four months later that same year on July 20th.

A letter from Heinrick von Bobart to Mary

One of the more interesting items discovered among Mary’s belongings is this letter from a cousin in Germany.  Dated in 1905, the letter appears to have been written in response to correspondence that Heinrick’s parents received from Mary.  She would have been 27 at the time and he was 15.

Since Heinrick’s last name is “Von Bobart”, I believe Mary’s father, John H. Rumping, and Heinrick’s mother, whose maiden name is unconfirmed at this time, were probably siblings.

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A letter from “Petter Speacht”

This is a letter dated January 6, 1897 from “Petter Speacht” (Eva (Spect) Rumping‘s oldest brother), to Mary.  Mary would have been 18 years old at the time this letter was written and Peter was about 62.
Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are as seen in the original letter, except for edits I made as necessary to clarify meaning.

January the 6, 1897

Dear Neace,

I received your kind and welcome letter and was glad to hear from you all and I must say it was quite a surprise to us all to hear from you all.  I have asqued Tena several times about your mother and she said she had not heard from her for some time.  I should of rote to her if I new where to right to.  You was quite a small childe when I saw you.  We live with 2 children, boy and a girl.  Charley, he will bee 20 years old in June.  Laura she is 13 past.  We have now married.  We are living in the country, about 5 miles from Decatur.

We are well and hope thease few lines may find you all the same.  Charley is as large as I am.  The girl is small to her age.  She goe to Country School this winter.  Charley he workes when he can get enything to doe.  What does your papa do?  I am going to farm this next summer if nothing happens.  You spoke about your pictures.  I would like to have all of your pictures.  I will send my family’s pictures as soon as I can. 

Times are very hard hear.  Nothing going on.  I have not seen Aunt Tena for some time.  Sister Kate was to see us last fall.  I would like to see all of you very much.  The children send their love and best respects and also their mother.

I believe I will close by saying I am truly glad to hear form you all and hope you will right often.  Give my love and best wishes to your ma and papa and all the family.  Tell them to right.

Good by from your Uncle and family.

                                                                       Petter Speacht

                                                                       Decatur, Illinois

Note: Although Eva and her siblings were all born in Indiana, I believe they  may have been brought up in a home where German was their first language.  I’m doing a little research on this now and hope to update this post with more information on this point at a later date.