The Ledbetter Boys

Another wonderful photo from Mary’s collection . . .

Handwriting on the back of the photo identifies the boys as “Mark and Codie Ledbetter”. The photo is dated 1914 and was taken in Neihart, Montana.

Mark and Codie were the sons of Edith and David Ledbetter. Edith was the sister of Mary’s first husband, George Schenk.

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Albert Schaffer’s mother, Catherine (Feckley) Schaffer

One of the items in Mary’s collection includes this photograph of her second husband Albert‘s mother, Catherine.

Catherine (Feckley) Schaffer (1838- 1922)

I believe she was born Catherine Feckley circa November 1838 in Switzerland and died circa 1922, probably in Montana.

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Pete, Irene, and Frances

Another wonderful photo from Mary’s collection. Shown in this picture, left to right, are three of her children: Christie (aka “Pete”), Irene, and Frances (aka “Georgie”).

Pete, Irene, and Frances – circa 1908

The photo is undated but was probably taken about 1908.

Here is the photo back . . . see translation below.

Pete, Irene, and Frances circa 1908 (photo back)


Christ Schenck (Pete)
Irene Schenck
Frances Schenck
Mrs. Geo Shenk

E L Blue2
H M D Brown3

E Brown4
D white[?] Red spots[?]5
Red trimming

Eye Brown
H D Brown6
Dress pink + [?]
White [illegible]
Ribbon white

  1. A note by Mary indicating the alternate spelling of the surname?
  2. Eyes, light blue
  3. Hair, medium brown
  4. Eyes, brown
  5. Dress, white with red spots
  6. Hair, dark brown

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An interesting photo of Marysville, Montana

Going through Mary’s photo collection this afternoon, I came across this snapshot – date unknown.

And here is the photo back, with a transcription below.


A scene near Marysville
Mont. Highest point is
Bald Mt.  First light spots
to the rite is Bald Mt. mine.
Next light spots in the gulch is Belmont
mine. Marysville lies
in the bottom between
those mts and the ones in front with
the pine trees on.
Taken about 19___
by Evelyn Schenck Buttner.
By the white spot on the left (a mine) is the
power line going
over the Continen-
tal Divide
Rocky Mts.

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