Marysville class photo circa 1913

Marysville class photo circa 1913
Marysville class photo circa 1913

Marysville class photo circa 1913_back

The names on the photo back are as follows:

[front row?]

James Woodend
Tom Williams
Vinnie Schaffer
Evelyn Schenk [this is one of Mary’s daughters; she’s in the front row, 4th from the left; marked with an “X”]
Mary Ralsken [sp?]
Marie Color

[front row continued?]

Minnie Best
Irvine Vesqice [sp?]
Lester [?] Rudio
John Korken
Margaret Lohman

[back row?]

Charlie Fred
Robert Ramsey
Minnie Gummow
Douglas Rudio
Gladys Williams
Grace Kockler
Edna Best

[back row continued?]

Charlie Korken
Clarence Peterson
Clyde Gummow

[middle row?]

 Annie Fred
Elizabeth Ramsey
Jacob Baumbauer
Donald McKillian
Ted Boechman [sp?]
Dorothy Haley
Myrtle Twohy
Louis Korken
Wilfred Plummer
Mildred Bussket

Mill at Bald Butte

Located southwest of Marysville, the Bald Butte Mill processed ore beginning from the nearby Devon/Sterling and Albion Mines, commonly referred to as the “Bald Butte Mines”. [1]

[1] Pioneer Technical Services, Inc. Bald Butte Mine and Millsite and Great Divide Sand Tailings Reclamation Projects: Construction Completion Report (CCR). 2013. [pdf downloaded from Internet 3 Nov. 2015.]

Marysville Class Photo circa 1885

0045 copy
Marysville Class Photo circa 1885

A wonderful photo of Marysville students in front of the school, probably dated about 1885.  Mary herself is in the photo.  She is the little girl standing farthest to the left directly in front of the doorway.  She appears to be about 8 or 9 years old.  This is one of – if not the – oldest photo in her collection.

The front reads:

Finished in 1886-12-11 by Albert Price.  Mrs. Annie Shea, Patsy Sullivan and Mrs. Mamie Shea, Jim O’Brien were the first graduates, 1891.

Here is the photo back:

Back of “Marysville Class Photo circa 1885”

The note at the top of the back is:

White Lace is dear baby Valentine Schenck‘s – 1914-3-21.

And the names on the photo back are as follows:



3 Laura Budd

4 Lena Staples

5 Mary Ellen O’Connell (Mrs. Hollie Harring

6 Libbie O’Connell


8 Lottie Staples

9 Miller

10 Gecobie

11 Miller


13 Agnes Miskell (hdk [handkerchief] in hand

14 Lillie Conrad Lanstrom – light hair

15 Jno. Rumping

16 Jno. Slater

17 Mary Rumping Schenk Schaffer – pointed collar

18 Katie Schaffer

19 Dora Gecobie

20 Riga Barley

21 Frances Schaffer – Mason

22 Mary Plauzer – Mayo

23 Hattie Hebert

24 Phema Hebert – Derosier in front of Lou Ralston and Walters teachers.        They married later.

25 Mollie Hogan

26 Riga Barley – white collar [Riga Barley is also listed at #20 above]


28 Maggie Robertson

29 boy

30 Lizzie Ralston – white collar

31 boy

32 boy – hands folded

33 Lizzie Wilkensons Forlander

34 Jake Binn [?]

35 John (Tug) Sullivan

36 Geo. Barley


38 Steven Sullivan

39 Sam O’Connell – hands in his pocket

40 Joe Hable

41 Oscar Zemboch – dead

42 Wm Conrad – died 1929


44 Frank Plauzer


46 Mrs. Airy – dead

A note at the bottom of the photo back reads as follows:

Marysville’s first school house. Montana.

This school was enlarged to 6 rooms by Jim McCarty, Jim McKillican and finished by Alb. Price in 1898.

11914-3-2.  I’m confused about this date, since Valentine – Mary’s youngest daughter – was born on February 14, 1915 – and died on April 2, 1915.  Perhaps it was the date of her baptism?

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