On this day in 1930 – Fishing without a license, Prairie Club

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingEntry from Journal #1: July 4, 1930

A. Schaffer, Wm Rumping, Miss May Iverson, went up to the Shokipee mine, and myself.  I caught my first fish to-day and sure put it in my pocket as I had no license.  A party of people of the Prairie Club are spending the summer in Marysville staying at the Drum Lummond Hotel.

Mary Rumping_1935

















This is a photo of Mary taken several years after this journal entry – but it seemed like the perfect time to share it.

Happy 4th Everyone!!

“What is Home Without a Mother”

This drawing is yet another item from Mary’s vast collection.  The artist is unknown, although the handwriting at the bottom of the page leads me to believe it may have been Mary’s brother, WilliamWhat is home without a mother_drawing

I did a little research and came across the song sheet below from the Library of Congress.  The song was written in 1854 by Alice Hawthorne, which it turns out is the pseudonym used by the songwriter Septimus Winner, better known for the song “Listen to the Mockingbird”.  Also below is a YouTube video of the song performed by Caroline Moseley, recorded at Taplin Auditorium at Princeton University.song sheet_what is home without a mother