On this day in 1931 – the Broadwater dance

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingAugust 13, 1931

Markie Ledbetter played at the Broadwater dance.

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On this day in 1931 – a visit from friends

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingAugust 12, 1931

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Still, from Missoula, Mont., Mr. and Mrs. Geo Kocker of Helena, Mrs. Mary Lehman, Mrs. Bertha Color were visitors to-day.

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On this day in 1931 – Shirley’s birthday dinner

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingAugust 9, 1931

Shirley had a nice birthday dinner at my house. Her mother [Frances Dalin] and families & Aunt Maud brot lunch & ice cream then we had a long ride, went up Belmont around up to Gravely [Gravelly] lake & back up Long Gulch & [??.] Then they went to Helena with Frances.

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On this day in 1931 – a walk to Shokapee Mine in Towlsey

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingAugust 6, 1931

Dony, Shirley, Fontella & myself walked to the Shokipie [Shakopee] Mine in Towlsey, leaving 6-30 a.m. and coming home 9-p.m. Walked over 7 miles.

A note on the back of this photo indicates it was taken at the Shakopee mine on August 12, 1931. But it may have been taken on the same date as this journal entry.

Fontella Mary and Shirley 1931
Fontella, Mary and Shirley at the Shakopee Mine, circa August 1931

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