Late September, 1931: regrets, another funeral, and a walk to the Shannon mine

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingSeptember 26, 1931

Annie Deering told me how the people give me credit for all I’ve done for myself and the big ideas I had in store for education and the upbuilding to and from my children, but it was a failure for some unknown reason. It’s sure a nice day and Oh! such beautiful moonlight nites. Nature is grand, only I regret seeing too little of it.

September 27, 1931

Cid-Francis Dalin & family, Carl-Maud Rasmusen & family – and brother Jno Rumping were up from Helena. Mrs. Bill Murry died in Butte, was buried in Helena by Clara, Tom, Mr. and 3 smaller children.1 Pallbearers were Jno Korting, Jack Brunskel, Mike Mellen, Geo. Padbury Sr., Blibol Beator, Jess Cannon.

September 28, 1931

L. E. Julian2 took their daughter Nellie up from the graveyard here, being dead 26 yrs and buried her in Helena.3

September 30, 1931

I walked to Shannon mine, got rhubarb roots, & 4 new evergreen trees.

  1. Based on minimal research at,, and, I believe this woman to be Minnie A. (Cullen) Murray who was married to William R. Murray. She is buried in Helena at Forestvale Cemetery. Her plot is described as “Valleyview 85” (see FindAGrave Memorial #121067415). Also located at Valleyview 85 are graves for the following: Thomas C. Murray (1900-1918) – see FindAGrave Memorial #121067423; Clara Murray (1895-1914) – see FindAGrave Memorial #121067405; William R. Murray (?-1899) – see FindAGrave Memorial #121067419; Margaret Murray (?-1904) – see FindAGrave Memorial #121067412; and Minnie Murray (?-1894) – see FindAGrave Memorial #121067414.
  2. Based on records located at, I believe this is “Louis E. Julian”.
  3. See FindAGrave Memorial #86040036 for more information.

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September 18, 20, and 22, 1931: hard work, “Lindie” in Japan, and the weather

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingSeptember 18, 1931

I worked from 10-7 [10 minutes to 7] A.M. to 5-15 P.M. at the chicken house. Ate nothing all day. Sure fagged out & sore hands. I chopped, packed and sawed boards for kindlin all day and fixed the chicken house, cleaned the goose barn. Mrs. Beaver, Jno Anderson, Archie Burns are on the sick list. Lindie and his wife are in Japan.1 She’s the first woman2 to cross the Siberian end of the Pacific Ocean. Annie Deering told me not to work so hard. I told her it wasn’t any harder than being in the house alone. She knows how hard and what I went thro as a child at home & after, getting married included.

September 20, 1931

2 airplanes just flew over Marysville 3-15 P.M. Came in by Canyon Creek or Beckman’s slaughter house and rite over Bald Mountain. Sure nice to hear them and brave hearts to face the strong wind that’s on.

September 22, 1931

Gee, but I am having dizzy spells. It was 90 degrees in Chicago yesterday in the East. 32 degrees out in Montana & 17 ins. of snow above Neihart and snow here.

  1. In the summer of 1931, Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh flew from Long Island, N.Y. to Alaska, and then on to Siberia, Japan and China, with support from Pan American World Airways head Juan Trippe. Following his flight to Paris, Lindbergh and Trippe became interested in creating an air route across Alaska and Siberia to China and Japan. For various reasons, however, the route did not become available to commercial flights until after WW II. Source from Wikipedia article on Charles Lindbergh
  2. Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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September 14 and 15, 1931: a funeral and an entertainer

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingSeptember 14, 1931

Adolph Baumbauer died this morning. The pallbearers are Clarence Beaver, Ernest Korting, Tom Williams, Andy Best, Christy Schenck [Schenk] and Clyde Gummo. He was 22 yrs. old. 43 autos went to cemetery.1 He got hurt in Jan. [or June?] at the Spring Hill mine.

September 15, 1931

Miss Annie Deering, Miss Annie Julian, Mrs. R. Fletcher, Mrs. Bee (Ed.) Shaftnet a trained English nurse, Mrs. J. Cannon, Mrs. D. Julian and myself sure enjoyed a fine dinner and afternoon (Mrs. J. Cannon hostess). Mrs. Ed Shaftnet sure was an entertainer. I laughed until I ached all over.

Here is a picture from Mary’s photo collection of her friend Annie Julian.
And a letter dated June 22, 1934, addressed to Mary from several of her neighbors, including “Mrs. R. Fletcher”, following the death of her second husband, Albert Schaffer.


Trinity Circle No. 116

Marysville Mont

Dear Neighbor Shaffer [sic],          1934-6-22.

It is with deepest sympathy

that we write to you,

realizing how profound must be

the sorrow when he is taken away

who for so many years has been

the comfort and pride of a husband

and father, permit us to join

with you in grief.

We offer you our sincere


Your most sincere neighbors,

Larson, Katherine W.

Fletcher, Rebecca

Haley, Bertha2

  1. Adolph is buried at Forestvale Cemetery in Helena, next to his brother Jacob. See FindAGrave Memorial #70790163.
  2. I believe all the words in bold print to have been written by Mary at a later date.

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Early September 1931: read the bible, walked to Friday Gulch, and froze in bed

black-woman-girl-thinking-white-cartoon-writingSeptember 1, 1931

I started to read the bible of 778 pages and finished it.

September 3, 1931

I walked to Friday Gulch.1

September 6, 1931

Florine Bridenback (Lohman) 2 and children was here. Alb. and Christie got water again in the Efhel Tower well.3

September 8, 1931

I near froze in bed, it turned so cold. I’ve split kindling, sawed wood, packed water until my knees & elbow are all pain and packed boards from Edward’s (Will’s) house.4


  1. Mary had a cabin in Friday Gulch. See reference in this post – On this day in 1931: Sleigh trip to Towsley. Mary’s husband Albert and her son Christie stayed there on occasion while working at the Shakopee mine. See these two posts – On this day in 1931: Christie left to work on the Shakopee mine and 20# pail of mushrooms.
  2. A quick search in Ancestry shows a Florine Briedenbach living in Great Falls, Montana with her husband Theodore. Other records indicate her maiden name was spelled “Lohmann”.
  3. I assume “Efhel Tower” should be “Eiffel Tower” but I have not been able to identify the location of this well.
  4. I assume this reference is to her brother Will’s former house in Marysville.

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