My personal “black hole” . . . and Mary’s August 1932 journal entries

I’ve been in a DNA black hole for the last few months.

And by that I mean, I’ve become addicted to anything DNA-related!

Which means I missed a few of Mary’s journal entries from August of 1932. So here they are . . . just a little late.

By the way, it looks like Mary had a few bad days in August. She was 54 years old at the time. Here’s a pic of her from about a year earlier.

August 11, 1932

I packed so much water, wrung out the big soaked wash, done many other things and now I am crying & its 11 o’clock & I am too tired to wash, I despise to wash, I hate the dam [sic] washing.

August 20, 1932

Hail came down on the roof heavy like bricks, solid ice the size of a [illegible] egg.

August 28, 1932

Sallie Green (Dillon) and Mamie (Dillon) Collum were here to visit me from Butte and Wallace, Ida.

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