Albert Schaffer’s mother, Catherine (Feckley) Schaffer

One of the items in Mary’s collection includes this photograph of her second husband Albert‘s mother, Catherine.

Catherine (Feckley) Schaffer (1838- 1922)

I believe she was born Catherine Feckley circa November 1838 in Switzerland and died circa 1922, probably in Montana.

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March 5, 1932: heavy snow, John Philip Sousa, and Aristide Briand of France

March 5, 1932

John Philip Sousa in 1900. Photo attribution: Elmer Chickering [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It snowed over a ft (1 3/4) of snow since yesterday morning. The heaviest day since 1932-3-10. Last nite a memorial program for [John] Philip Sousa was played over N.B.C. broadcast. He died the 2nd1 after a musical program of heart attack also [Aristide] Briand of France.2 Sousa composed 145 marches, 7 lately and was 77 yrs. old. He composed the Bi-Centennial for the Chicago Fair in 1933. I love music as he did, hope there’s some where I go.

  1. According to Wikipedia, John Philip Sousa died on March 6, 1932, not March 2nd.
  2. French Statesman Aristide Briand of France died on March 6, 1932. Apparently Mary wrote this journal entry later than March 5th.

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On this day in 1932: “all snowed in” and birthday presents

March 3, 1932

To-day it’s cold and we’re all snowed in again. Last nite the club met at Mrs. Jess Cannon’s. I got a nice [illegible] silk stockings and 3 handkerchiefs from Georgiana, a nice box of candy from Christopher and nice dress goods1 and $1.00 from Irene. Candy, stockings, threads from Evelyn for my 54 birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mary!!

PHOTO CREDIT: “Ten birthday cake candles against a white background,” CanStockPhoto ( : uploaded by Ruth Black 17 Sep 2010; downloaded 06 Mar 2016).

  1. According to Merriam-Webster, “dress goods” are “fabrics suitable for lightweight clothing (as women’s dresses).”

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March 1, 1932 . . . and few more journal entries from February

March 1, 1932

Mrs. Lizzie Korting’s birthday (53 yrs). I’ve been so mad lately that my whole body suffers from it. I sure ain’t being treated like a wife [several words crossed out]. Albert is so helpless and careless and Christie is always telling me of how [several words crossed out] I am. believe me [words crossed out] this may hurt him but what he does hurts me too.

Note: Tucked in just under this March 1st journal entry were these two entries from February . . .

February 23, 1932

I got up a Pioneer Club, Mrs. Jos. Nyaski, Mrs. Lewis Haley, Mrs. Ed. Shafhnet [Shafnet?], Mrs. Jno Korting, Mrs. Noble Mason, Mrs. Jess Cannon, [blank space left for other names?] and myself. Dues .05. Prizes .20, .15, .05. Nyaski, Shafhnet, Korting won the prizes.

February 25, 1932

The country has a Chinook [wind] thaw that did damage by slides and floods.

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